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Wicked Star Workshop

It’s taken me a LONNNNNNNNNNNNNG time to get this skill dialed in – but I’ll tell ya…IT’S WORTH IT.

The clients love ‘em, they’re fun to make, and you can also use this skill when you’re traveling to make some of the most unique images you’ll want to frame in *your own* house.

However – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried this technique, and ended up FAILING or learning an extended lesson about why it didn’t work.

Now that I’ve taken the time, research, and deliberate effort in trying to make these special photos – I feel as if I’ve gotten it down to a science!

Several friends and fellow photographers have asked me about how I do these – and I figured the easiest way would be to create a resource for people to be able to join me for an evening to create some wicked imagery.

In the past I’ve offered skype sessions with photographers explaining how to do this, but I noticed that their end result could have been bettered through direct feedback and assistance while shooting.

And when it comes to this kind of portrait, let’s face it – you can’t just pick up at a moment’s notice and go down the street to try again.  It takes deliberate planning, preparation, and an understanding of the elements to really harness the skill properly.

So here’s what I’m currently offering:

OCTOBER 1ST (This Wednesday) – Trial Run


(***Sold Out Pending 1 response***)




This will be the small ‘test’ workshop for up to 3 people.  (Personally, I feel individualized attention is EVEN MORE valuable…so this would be the best value)  I’ll still go over everything that I would in the finalized version – but I want to try 2 “added” elements that may or may not work.  (One could actually end up being SUPER-DOPE and if so, I might just keep the secret to myself instead of including it in the official workshop)

We’ll meet at 8 PM in San Diego, and we’ll be taking my car out to a specific location 1.5 hrs away to photograph 3 different styles of night sky portraits.  There wont be models for this – as I strongly disagree with having images from a workshop in your wedding portfolio.  This workshop is to teach you how to fish, not just give you a fish for a day.

Although – you *will* come back with one of your best facebook profile photos of all time.  Email for further details and how to sign up.




October 29th – 1st official Workshop



This workshop will be limited to 6 people, and will include models for understanding directions with clientele.  (Not for portfolio, but rather understanding which poses work best and seeing the dynamic of 2 people vs 1.)

We’ll meet at 8 PM and drive out to a location 1.5 hrs away to photograph 3 different styles of night sky portraits.  Depending on how the 2 “added” techniques turn out from the trial run, I’ll share everything I’ve learned and honed regarding how to shoot these portraits.

I’ll address the 6 factors that are INTEGRAL in achieving these photos, and also provide you with a list of equipment and handy items that will help you make the best out of your shoot.  Following the shoot, you’ll also be provided with a reference sheet on everything mentioned so that you can efficiently plan your shoots in the future.

Email for further details and how to sign up.


30 minute Skype Sessions



Some people have emailed me from other parts of the country/world asking about this, and are unable to attend the workshops in San Diego.  While it’s not as valuable as the hands-on experience, a direct Q&A conversation following the explanation of the process has saved others A LOT OF TIME in improving their end result.

Side-note: if you’re interested in doing a hands-on version but live somewhere else in the world, check out my upcoming travel schedule and send me an email if I’ll be in your area.


PS – this workshop has nothing to do with business – it’s all about how to make these kind of unique photos.  However, I’ll go on to say that these photos have been the most-shared & most-engaged photos I’ve ever posted online.  Being able to showcase this kind of work is a great tie-in for wedding photography and I have no doubt it will add $500 of perceived value to your portfolio.  It’s an impressive type of image, and it’s the type that gets printed 4ft x 6ft.

PPS – if you’ve referred me work in the past and are interested in doing this, take $100 off any of the above options.




PPPS – Doing workshops is not something I’m super-focused on, so I have no reservations of telling people “no” if I feel like they might be a dick.  We’ll be spending about 5 hours together, so I’d like to ensure that everyone is friendly & easy to be around.

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