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Why hashtags and double-sharing are crippling your game

(An instagram manifesto by @timkingphoto)

This has been on my mind for awhile now, and I really feel like it’s time to get it out.  There are a few things people are doing on instagram that they believe are helping them…but *I* think they’re actually HURTING THEM!

So let’s get to it, shall we?


I’ve felt it out, seen the results, and read interviews with people who’re featured on the “popular page” regularly.  And to sum it up, followers from hashtags and the popular page are on average – the LEAST engaged followers and more often end up ‘unfollowing’ at some point anyways.  They don’t know you from Adam, so they feel the *least* compelled to keep you on board.

And now this next point is from *my personal opinion*…but I feel hashtags come across as spam.  You look at a photo and go to read the description…and it’s LOADED FULL with # signs.  Half the experience of photography is understanding the story behind it, and in my opinion – hashtags have no place.  (Unless they’re ironic, funny, intentional play on themselves)

And furthermore, to get a little *deeper into the psyche*…I feel that when your FRIENDS see this on your feed, it comes across as though you’re posting to get the attention of OTHERS, and not *them*.  Who are you posting your content for?  And why are you posting it?

The focus should be on creating engaging content, and I feel that hashtags #distract.

2.  Double sharing on facebook is throwing yourself under the bus.

I might be erring on the extreme on this one, but when I see the same thing twice during my daily stalk – I wonder…what’s the point?

Why am I following them on Instagram if I see the same sh*t on facebook?


Sorry to be a jerk, but really – I don’t need to see your stuff twice.  And I’m betting that others feel the same way.

And you know what…?

“Say Facebook ends up going down the Myspace route and people head for the hills and on to something new.”  What will you have left?  An empty instagram because everyone unfollowed you due to your double posting and hashtag calamity.

I know that hashtags definitely do have their value in connecting others, but in my opinion – the experience of the people who *actually do* know me is worth so much more not to bombard them with pound signs.

If you want to discuss or leave a love/hate comment, I’d be happy to hear from you below in the comments.



BONUS FUN FACT ABOUT HASHTAGS - for those of you that *absolutely* must have their photo featured in the #selfie gallery, rest assured that you can add hashtags WEEKS after you’ve posted the photo and it will still work the same way!  




What you didn’t read on facebook – the reasons why I follow and *don’t* follow certain people.

Why I follow you:

-you’ve got interesting content.  Like, REALLY interesting.  I’m talking about a life of adventure or an alternative career…not just expeditions to Potato chip rock on a wednesday.  I like keeping up with the day-to-day of people who lead unique lifestyles.  Sometimes I know them, sometimes they’re still a stranger.

-you’re close to me and I talk to you on a weekly basis.  I like to keep up with people I’m in regular contact with because I can bring up a photo they posted in conversation the next time I talk to them.  If I have a ton of acquaintances on there, it can make it hard to keep up with those I really know and talk to.

-you make killer photos.  I love seeing great photography, but what really interests me is seeing posts of *different* perspectives.  It helps me think different and open my mind to new ideas, and I love that.
Why I don’t follow you:-you post a million pictures of your dog/baby.  I love dogs and kids are great – but too much of a good thing can get tiring.  Nuff said.

-you post memes, club flyers, notepad quotes, professional SLR pics, etc.  I feel Instagram should be a place for you to share personal photos – it’s not to promote a club, and it’s not Facebook or Pinterest.  It’s *also* not your photography portfolio – there’s a reason you have a website/blog.
-you post too much, or I don’t know you that well.  Again – it’s not Facebook.  Instagram isn’t meant for you to post 20 pictures in a row.  It’s not an album, it’s a daily post.  Like I said above, I like to be able to keep up with the ones I’m close to, and if you’re clogging up the feed with 20 #selfies of you in a snuggie with your chihuahua, it can get in the way.-you never post. 
Hope this cleared things up!  If you like what I wrote, I’d love it if you “shared” this post!


Here’s one of my favorite #selfies, just for the hell of it.


elyse renae - i am *very* grateful that i crossed this today.
a repeat offender on a few of these points, however, this make so much sense.
time to switch up my social media game!
best bonus? time SAVER!February 21, 2013 – 1:59 pm

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