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Photowalk: Aarhus, Denmark

The second city I visited in Denmark was Aarhus, which also happens to be the second most-populated.  While Copenhagen seemed like more of a metropolis, or more of an “international melting pot” of Denmark like NY, Chicago, or LA would be of the US – I felt like Aarhus was much more “Danish”.  Hope that makes sense.

To start this photowalk, I cruised out with my Aunt to the ARoS Museum to explore a visual-imagery based exhibition they had on display.  Oh boy, if you know me – I was like a kid in a candy store.  I couldn’t get enough.  So many shapes, lines, and reflections to play with in the photos.

The second half of this photowalk, I meet up with 2 Danish photographers – Klaus and Martin.  Klaus originally reached out to me on my blog following the creative live workshop that I attended last April, and when he saw I’d be traveling to Denmark – he asked if I wanted to meet up.  It was great to get to hang out with these guys and hear about what the industry is like in their neck of the woods.  We toured around the city a bit, had some coffee to warm up after getting a bit cold (Denmark is experiencing it’s coldest winter in 30 years), and of course took some fun photos.

Here are some favorites from the day:


Starting off at the ARoS Museum.  The rainbow ring at the top is a huge circular corridor that you can walk through and get amazing views of the city from all angles.  To add, with the ‘color hue’ of your choice.


Walking through the corridor.






A little ‘silhouette’ action



Gettin’ my artistic on.



Apparently part of the exhibit was based off Dante’s inferno, and different rooms represented each of the 9 layers of hell.  I don’t think I took photos of all 9, but I sure did take photos of the interesting ones  : )



In the middle of this pitch-black room there was a spray of water coming out in a narrow plane…what else is a guy to do but walk through it?  It sounds more fun than it really is.  Okay, it was a little fun.



How many Tims can you spot?



This orb-looking object was meant to represent beings in purgatory.  At different moments, different parts of the orb would light up and the room would dramatically change appearance in regards to lighting (see below).



Was so cool I had to show off another shot of this strange thing.



The inferno.



Coffee hell.  Just kidding, this was just the cafeteria at the museum.



On to the photowalk around town to meet up with Klaus and Martin!



Came across this sweet sight at the harbor.  The water was almost completely frozen and gave off one hell of a cool reflection.  Some chick tried to throw a rock at the water to break the ice but failed.  Her boyfriend through a rock right afterwards and broke through.  I don’t know why, but I bursted out laughing after seeing this & the couple looked at me like I was crazy.



Like what I did with the logo here?  I sure did  : )



Believe it or not, this shot was an accident.  I was actually going for the architecture of the frame rather than the sunset, but shot it under-exposed.  Dug the accident more than the intended shot and decided to keep it instead.  Those are some badass colors in those windows.



My Aunt took me to the school where she teaches.  They have a couple murals up from a world-famous artist that created them “before his time”.  The paintings are estimated to be worth over a million each, and the school has received offers to buy them, but in true artistic tradition, responds with the classic “they’re not for sale”.  So now, the school has actually become somewhat of a tourist attraction for art aficionados from all over the world.

While looking at the paintings, I flat out said what was on my mind & suggested that the artist was on drugs, because I couldn’t tell what he was trying to convey.  My aunt laughed and agreed.



Later in the evening, I went to see my cousin perform at one of the local venues.  The audience was filled with high schoolers as young as 15 and as old as late 20′s.  On a Friday night, I was pretty surprised at how wild it got.

I had seen a quote awhile back that said, “Whenever I see a single shoe on the side of the highway, I get depressed knowing that I’ve never partied THAT hard.”  Seeing these kids party as hard as they did, made my adolescence look like Evelyn & her easy-bake oven.



Stay tuned for a new post tomorrow featuring another photowalk from one of the oldest & most traditional style parts of Denmark – houses with thatched roofs and the #1 rated back-country street in the entire country.  I think you’re gonna like it  : )

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layton - phenomenal frames boss. your travels, your photos, your commentary, all a constant source of inspiration.March 10, 2012 – 3:08 pm

Klaus T. - Yeah, that was one damn cold day, makes me glad I don’t live in Denmark no more :) But it was fun and nice meeting you. Next time I’m in Aarhus I’ll have to visit ARoS as well, and see that rainbow thingy from the inside.

Once again I must say that you have a knack for placing your logo/watermark interesting places in your photos, thumbs up!March 7, 2012 – 4:50 pm

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