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My personal soundtrack of 2012

Keeping with tradition of last year’s post, I’ve decided to create a personal mix-tape with nostalgic songs that remind me of the experiences I’ve had this past year.

2012 was jam-packed.

And what an adventure it was.

Here’s the track-listing with the associated back-story of why I chose each song.  Enjoy!

Track 1 – Jonsi – Go Do

Instead of posting Jonsi’s video, I’m gonna cheat right off the bat and use Ryan’s video he made from the Iceland trip we all took in January.  He really captured the feeling of the adventure with the song choice and style – nice work Bryan.  (Inside joke, we nicknamed him Bryan this past year.)

Iceland was an incredibly surreal experience with an atmosphere I couldn’t compare to any place I had been before.  It really had an impact on me, and it’s one place I am seriously considering investing in property.   Not sure if I could live there year-round, but I’d love to visit often.

Track 2 – Andreas Moe – Fade Into Darkness Cover (Helene’s song)

While in Sweden I met an amazing girl named Helene.  In addition to her Swedish accent, she was incredibly sarcastic and insulted me constantly – I was instantly seduced.  One night, we stayed up talking for hours about everything from where we dream of traveling, food, family, music, aliens – you name it.  It was the kind of conversation where you get so caught up that it made hours seem like minutes.  At one point she played this song for me – now each time that I hear it, it makes me think of her.

Track 3 – College – A Real Hero

I heard this song while watching “Drive” on a flight from Sweden to Denmark.  The cinematography in that movie is truly amazing, and if you haven’t seen it – do yourself a favor and watch it asap!

The song symbolizes my shift in mindset towards photography.  Capturing photos and telling the story in a style that’s representative of the true nature demonstrates integrity and just FEELS right.  For years, I’ve been excellent working with PR firms making events that aren’t so crowded appear to look like the hottest ticket in town based off what I capture in my camera.  I went to a convention in March of last year that *blew my mind* in regards to this way of thinking.  (And yes, don’t worry – that will be blogged about)

Track 4 – M83 – Midnight City

I met my ex-girlfriend Nicole back in March of last year, and we used to tease each other of “who-introduced-who” to this song.  One of the things I really liked about Nicole was her appreciation of music & how it added so much to the experience of things.  In the past she had made soundtracks from certain times in her life that she could listen to & remember how she ‘felt’ during those stages – and I of course thought that was AWESOME.

I chose this song because of the significance to our never-ending debate, and also because I feel it has an alternative style like Nicole had.  She was a huge part of my life this year and we shared some amazing experiences together that I’ll never forget.

Track 5 – Chromatics – Tick of the Clock

This year has been so busy with work, at times there was a lot of pressure to get large amounts of work done in a quick amount of time.  One thing to the next to the next to the next - no stopping.  Like a machine.  This song is also from the movie Drive, and I feel it does a good job of conveying the intensity of how I felt during certain weeks.

Track 6 – Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight

On my first excursion to South America this year, I remember waking up in the back seat of the car on the way to catch our 7 AM flight out of LAX.  This song was playing on the radio, and I just had this mysterious feeling of wondering what was in store for this next international trip.  It’s definitely a unique vibe – as most international trips I’ve had are powerful experiences & create memories you will have for the rest of your life.  The anticipation prior is pretty damn exciting.

Track 7 – Tiga – Far From Home

Okay, I’m cheating again.  I’m tying in another video because I feel it does a great job conveying the feeling of constantly traveling from one place to the next.  During the last 2 months of the year, I traveled for 7 out of the 8 weeks and was constantly on the move. Casey Neistat (the guy who directed this video) is one of my favorite film producers. I love his style, but watch the video & see for yourself.

Peru->Chile->Argetina->Los Angeles->Denver->San Diego->Los Angeles->Papua New Guinea->Los Angeles->Bellingham->Canada->San Diego.

In case you were curious.  (And yes, these will also be blogged)

Track 8 – Michael Buble – Home

On the tail end of my trip to Papua New Guinea, I was in the hotel bar with 3 other travelers that had accompanied me on our expedition and they had a live cover artist singing well-known american songs.  This song has been a favorite of mine, and it struck me *especially* at that point since it felt like it had been so long since I’ve really felt “home”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this.  To be honest with you, as I’ve written this post – I’ve felt a crazy rush of emotions thinking back to these experiences and remembering how I felt at the time.  And while it’s cool to share these stories with you, I’m positive that I’m going to value looking back on this post years down the line…and being able to remember the feelings all over again.

I suggest you do this for yourself as well!  You’ll thank yourself later.

(Photo above was shot in Kiruna, Sweden during my trip to visit the Ice Hotel)

It’s History | mon ami - [...] personal soundtrack of 2012 (here) – Tim King is a photographer that I follow (he goes on awesome adventures around the world), [...]January 3, 2013 – 5:43 am

Jennifer - Tim, I love this. I feel like it so authentically captures you – the women you fell for, the excitement (and grind) of travel and work, and even a little bit of homesickness (thank god you’re human!). For a homebody/workaholic like myself it’s great having you in my life – I get to live through your pictures and your stories. I can’t wait for another year – and don’t forget to slow down and enjoy gems right in your backyard or hometown once in awhile :) Keep up the amazing work!January 2, 2013 – 4:24 pm

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