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Halloween Promotion Photo Shoot

Recently the Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe got in touch with me through a referral from a past client.  They saw some creative event photography I’d done for a local hotel, and asked if I could do something similar…but different - for them.

They have a few seasonal events that take place at the country club each year, and were looking to spruce up their marketing material to bring something fun, fresh, and engaging to their clientele.

So what I’d be doing – would essentially be walking through and photographing a ‘haunted house’ that they’d prepared for the upcoming month’s festivities.

Well, this definitely WAS different than any kind of shoot I’d done before.


Maybe just a little different.

None the less, it was a lot of fun walking through this kind of set up, and even more of a challenge was trying to figure out how I was going to isolate the lighting for each subject while maintaining the dark & eery vibe of the surroundings.

Some of you already know this, but I love using the Lumiquest Big Bounce for my off-camera flash needs.  It creates killer soft light (is that an oxymoron?) and allows me to position my light exactly where I want it to be.  And in this situation, it definitely gave me what I needed in terms of keeping the background dark, but refrained from blowing out the subjects with harsh light.

Hope you dig the photos, and let me know if you found the easter egg content by leaving a comment below.



These guys are upright against the wall blending in with the rest of the dots and all-of-the-sudden spring out at you!  (Used may flash behind them to separate their robes from the background)



Obligatory chainsaw photo.



When I saw this guy…fear didn’t really set in.  Similar to this scene in Men In Black – he was the most unlikely threat.  You see the gun?  He’s not going to kill you…he just wants to play PAINTBALL.



This next scene was a little difficult to shoot.  Not necessarily because of the lighting, but because of the motion.  All of the dots you see here are moving in a cylindrical motion around the bridge.  As if it’s just one big wheel spinning round & round.  So while I know my exposures like the back of my hand, walking through this made me feel like I took too many drugs, and was on the verge of vomiting.



Here I made a quick adjustment to my settings to capture the bridge in “warp speed”.



Would love to see this on Pinterest under “nuclear holocaust themed office decor”.



Dead giveaway.



This shot was probably the most difficult to balance.  Had to reduce the noise on it significantly.  But loved the way the eyes give off the glow contrasted with the blue ambient light.



October kicks off the holiday season for the year, and I love the eery feeling that sets in with the colder weather, the leaves falling to the ground, and all the Halloween movies on TV.

This shoot was a ton of fun, and it made me get excited to go out and get in the holiday spirit myself.  My roommate and I were talking about hosting a halloween party this year, so maybe we’ll borrow some ideas from above!

Phil L - Dig the pics, but I’m still looking for the Easter Egg. Must be a Dead Giveaway.October 20, 2013 – 4:03 pm

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