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In the short of it, my name is Tim King and I’m a San Diego Event Photographer based out of North Pacific Beach, San Diego. Having been to so many places around the globe…this really is the best spot to be.

I *try* write on this blog about 3-4 times per week (sometimes I shift focus towards my client-workflow during busy season), mainly to provide you guys with some cool photos that can inspire ideas for events, individual marketing, or share some of my travels with you.

Most of the things I talk about on this blog will relate to ideas and events in San Diego, how to improve as a photographer, fun places to travel, and simple ways to make your life easier. (After all, that’s always big goal of mine!)

Rather than write a detailed memoir about my outlook on life, and the “formidable” years which brought me to be the person I am today, let me just take a page from Oprah’s book and tell you about some of MY FAVORITE THINGS:

-Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
-Playing racquetball (If you can beat me in racquetball, I’ll give you 10% off the rate for my services)
-Riding my bike
-Trying new and exotic food (If you know of a great restaurant, tell me about it!)
-Colorado (I lived here for 12 years)
-Adrenaline Rushes (I’m a thrill seeker, skydiving, bungee jumping, love it all) [For a post on this stuff, click here]
-Dogs (I’d have one myself, but I travel too much to take good care. If you want a dog sitter for a week though, I’m your guy)

And if you really want to get to know me to the core, here are some of my favorite posts:


On being “weird”

I talk about how some ideas that I have are initially criticized by family/friends/others, and turn out to be some pretty awesome experiences that end up motivating others.


If not now, when?

Got on an inspirational tangent of going after what you want NOW…because there’s no perfect time, you just have to ‘do it’.


How to save a feeling

Featuring an excerpt from a friend’s blog, we share our idea about how to create something that will let you experience nostalgia, or bring you back to a certain time of your life with a feeling.


How to grow your network and be a good friend

I talk about some key characteristics and ideas to keep in mind to help grow your network and be a better friend.


2012 Mixtape

A tradition I do each year – talk about some of the highlights through songs that were nostalgic of whatever I was going through at the time, and talk about what each one meant.


The Deeper Side of Photography

I write about a lot of the things you learn about yourself (& others) throughout the process of working as a photographer.



To get in contact with me, please send an email to, or use the contact form above.