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Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about cutting costs to attend events, I’ve outlined a general description of the conferences, workshops, and seminars I’ve attended in order to help introduce some ways to invest in yourself.   CONFERENCES   WPPI (Las Vegas – End of February-ish) This is the biggest and most-well-known conference for photographers, and […]

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How to attend conferences for less than $100 – TOTAL

First off, I’m not writing this based off tips from other blogs, and I’m not writing this to get SEO juice or eyes directed at my work (which I hardly even show on here anyways), or because I want to look like some expert on the topic.   I’m writing this because I want you, […]

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Twyla - Tim, this is great – but you didn’t include bed and breakfasts other than AirBnB! In Canada at least, they are cheaper than hotels, include food and often some lovely conversation, and often you can split them multiple ways. Also, is a fantastic resource that not everyone knows about – that’s a place free accommodation and I’ve hosted and surfed plenty. It’s very safe and a great resource.April 29, 2014 – 1:30 pm

Cory Robbins - Hey Tim, I’ve been really trying to get back into photography for the past couple years now, and I have not spent enough time researching any workshops (or attending any at that matter). Just finding the time between learning the basics (taking phot101), and finding time to get good practice in, its difficult to see myself going on a four day adventure while working a normal 9-5′r and all. But in spite of all that, I know there are some good local workshops here in San Diego you are aware of and I will definitely look into those. Your article was very helpful in the sense that workshops, seminars, etc. are probably often times easily over looked, or underestimated, and it really was helpful… Good read, and inspiring like always! We met years ago at State, and still wish I took you up on that flag football invite… and I almost jumped on that little road trip to Mexico… maybe we will bump into each other at one of these seminars someday. Thanks for sharing!April 28, 2014 – 6:06 am

Steph MacKinnon - Great article Tim! I met you briefly 2 years ago at the 1st Canada Photo Convention in Vancouver. Would love to hear your thoughts on all the conferences you’ve attended as always want to go to the best of the best and interested in your perspective. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, StephApril 27, 2014 – 11:22 am

Lee - Hey Tim, Thanks for this post. Defintely does helpApril 27, 2014 – 10:49 am

Tracey - Great advice Tim! I am looking to network with other photographers and I think attending conferences is the perfect opportunity for that. Looking forward to your next blog on that. Thank you for your willingness to help others succeed! Very much appreciated :)April 27, 2014 – 6:28 am